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    A number of people have been asking when these new releases are coming so I thought I'd update users.

    eSignal 8.0 will most likely be launched in mid-April followed by an 8.1 release around June. I'll go into more details in following posts.

    Also, the purchase by IDC was completed this last week which includes QCharts, LiveCharts, and We'll be working on upgrading all these products and as we can we will update users with our plans.

    For QCharts users we have added a support forum on eSignalCentral here:

    To learn more read on ...

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    eSignal 8.0 & 8.1 ...

    For 8.0 on the desktop we will release the latest release of EFS2, our programming language. We also have improved the handling of continuous contracts for international futures and handling of spreads. The addition of 20 new sources of exchanges and news services are also part of the release. We have improved our real time news package with services that use to cost $60 are now available for $10 per month.

    At the same time we have been working on 8.1 for the past year. As more of our customers are hedge funds and professional traders they have requested us to improve the time and sales displays, trade conditions, handling corporate actions, handling cancels, inserts and deletes of trades - providing cleaner data. This release is done but we need to provide time for our third party developers to test for backward compatibility.

    We have also been rescaling our server farms to handle more transactions. Market volumes doubled this past year and the exchanges are telling us to expect it to double again next year.

    So users will see two releases coming in the next few months for eSignal.

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    eSignal 8.0 expands the amount of market data available to its customers, bringing more than 20 points of additional market data from newly added exchanges and indices, including:

    • Caracas Stock Exchange (Venezuela)
    • Santiago Stock Exchange (Chile)
    • Hong Kong Futures Exchange – Options
    • Jakarta Stock Exchange (Indonesia)
    • JASDAQ (Japan)
    • Osaka Securities Exchange - Nikkei Futures (Japan)
    • Philippines Stock Exchange
    • Taiwan Stock Exchange
    • Taiwan OTC Stock Exchange
    • Tokyo Stock Exchange - Futures (Japan)
    • Euronext Commodities
    • Euronext Equity and Index Derivatives
    • Euronext Interest Rate Futures
    • Hannover Commodities Exchange (Germany)
    • Italian Derivatives Exchange – Options
    • London Metal Exchange Plastics
    • Vienna Futures and Options Exchange (Austria)
    • HotSpot FX Institutional & Retail
    • GovPX US Benchmark Treasuries

    All Dow Jones Commodities Services are now also available, including:
    • Dow Jones Commodities Service
    • Dow Jones MetalsWire
    • Dow Jones AgriWire
    • Dow Jones Mini Financial (miniFin)

  4. Chuck,

    I can help you out with the QCharts. Just leave it like it is. It's fine, we're used to it and any "upgrades", particularly if accompanied by an upgrade in cost, will only annoy the user base.
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    QCharts users, welcome to the eSignal family. You have been an extremely loyal group to this very special product and we will work hard to make it the product you all wish it can be. We have some former Quote employees at eSignal that still use QCharts for their trading.

    It will take a little time for us to review the best way to start making improvements, but as it becomes clear we will inform you of our plans.

    Please join our forums so we can become aware of your issues.

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    Yes, we have heard that - users love the product! The work or 'upgrade" appears to be on the speed of data and quality. The farms are running very,very old hardware and that is where we can help.

  7. Will the new version of esignal solve the chart delay problems.
  8. Good job, you avoided the other thread, and made a new one about eSignal 8.

    Why was this information not provided in January when I was told I'd recieve information.

    Also, what about the beta testing which I was told I'd be informed of via the beta forum. Or is this now being rushed because people finally are complaining and there isn't going to be a beta test, you just going to release it broke and wait to eSignal 9 to fix it?

    Still not the slightest bit satisfied, just avoiding everyone's other questions in the other forum and just trying to keep your users happy. BS.

    AND what about the lagging on the version 7.9. Or is it just not worth the support team's time?

    Hahahaha. that's feckin hilarious. You can, but you won't unless we demand it from a dozen or two members on ET who will talk crap about your product.

    But... seriously though Chuck, I know you work for eSignal. I know you are paid to say this stuff, it's a marketing ploy, trying to keep ET users on eSignal's side. Good job, but I see right through it :)

    , yeah just don't screw it up.
  9. dealer



    in the list of new exchanges for 8.0 i notice that the Madrid futures exchange (MEFF) is not listed. Any update on when we will be able to receive mkt data for IBEX futures?
  10. Thank you for this thread.

    I have been holding off on giving IQFeed a try, but now that Esignal has obviously avoided the issue about data lag and try to pull a fast one by talking about new features in the upcoming version.

    Been with Esignal for so many years, can't believe it has come down to this.

    For shame.

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