eSignal 7.6 : what can we expect ?

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  1. Hello,

    What can we expect from eSignal in their next to be released version 7.6 as well as 8.0 ? I haven't seen any comments on this topic since a while so I am reopening a new thread about it as the previous thread was a bit too long.

  2. never used eSignal what do people here think of it. i used AT, ILX, RealTick, Reuters is it any better or worse? i hear its cheaper and firms are switching to it. i know people at andover who had to switch from AT to eSignal.
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    It was my understanding that the addition of a number of Asian exchanges was to coincide with the release of 7.6, including:

    Thailand Stock exchange
    Tokyo Stock Exchange & TOPIX Indices
    Osaka Stock Exchange
    Nagoya Stock Exchange (Regional Japan Market)
    Kuala Lumpur Stock Exchange
    Korea Stock Exchange & KOSPI Indices
    Bombay Stock Exchange & Sensex Indices
    Nikkei Indices

    Maybe Jay or Chuck could comment on this.

  4. Also they will offer Option Plus and Option Charting for the daily.
  5. They have stopped working on enhancing the backtesting tool? How about an optimizer like in Tradestation?
  6. I would like to request for eSignal API to submit an order in Broker Integrated environment.

    I found eSignal@Refco and thought I can build an autamated trading system using eSignal API.
    However, the SDK manual says ordering API is unidirectional and can only read the trading status, cannot submit an order.

    Ken the Smooth
  7. Qchart, realtick, tradestation,.. will lose many Asian
    traders near future, when this markets become "BIGGER".

    These exchanges will become bigger, because more
    American and european traders will have access to
    trade them near future
  8. Hi All,

    The eSignal 7.6 release is just around the corner. I don't have a firm date, but expect it in the next 2 - 4 weeks. It's really more about Asian Exchanges than anything else. We haven't released a beta externally and if we do it'll be a short period of time that it's out before going gold.

    7.6 contains -

    - Asian Exchanges (KOSDAQ, Thailand, Kuala Lumpur, Korea, Tokyo (incudes Nagoya), Bombay*, Osaka*, and Nikkei Indices*)

    - Spreads in Quote Window and Quoteboard

    - OptionsPlus

    * Pending exchange approval

  9. Will Quotrek be free for eSignal users ?
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    Do you know if the major problem with indicators getting out of sync with prices on tick charts is going to finally be resolved in 7.6? This is a major issue with me since I am continually "Reloading" my indicators to keep them in sync with price.

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