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Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by reg, Mar 17, 2004.

  1. reg


    I currently use eSignal 7.6 (Build 634) for charting and notice that I am always missing candlesticks for the last 30 or 40 minutes of each trading day. These are missing in both realtime and historical charts. All I get are black horizontal lines during this time of the day.
    Has anyone experienced this problem or does anyone know a fix for this? I had e-mailed somebody from eSignal about this and have not gotten a reply yet.
    I have the 7.4 version in my office and am not encountering this problem using this version.
    Any help much appreciated.
  2. dloomis514

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    what symbol and interval? what time template are you using?
  3. reg


    It applies to all symbols and all intervals. I use my charts (advance charting) for individual stocks (both NYSE and Nasdaq) and different time intervals - 5 min., 10 min. 15 min., etc. The last 30 or 40 mins of the trading day would only come out as small dashes or lines.
    I don't think it has anything to do with the symbols or time interval. There's a bug in there somewhere that no one seems to be able to fix.
  4. dloomis514

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    can you post a piture?
  5. It may the way you have the time set.

  6. jimmyz


    Dowloaded new 7.6 Pro this A.M.

    Had a serious slowdown with my system and I lost all my data except for the last day and a half. I also could not access the ESignal main toolbar icons or dropdown menus.

    Called E Signal and they had me delete and reboot everything...still no good.

    Just went back to my 7.5Pro Version and everything is fine. Except I am still missing the daily data.

    I was informed that I am considered a "power user" because of my layout. I guess my system is a little old, Pentium 3; 256K Dell Precision 220 Windows 2000.

    Need to upgrade soon or at least pickup the Ram.

    I would switch back to the old and wait for them to work out the bugs over the next few weeks. My 2 cents.

    Word to the wise backup all customized formulas and pages/layouts before you make any changes!
  7. Reg,

    You may want to try the following steps to get the time template to display the appropriate hours regardless of instrument.

    This feature is called an Auto Time Template. This feature will look at the underlying issue and apply the appropriate hours to the chart. To create an Auto Time Template, you'll want to work through the following steps.

    Right click on the Advanced Chart window, > choose Time Template > choose Edit > Choose New Template and name it AUTO. In the template items at the bottom of the dialog window, make sure that the "Automatic Start / End Times" box is checked. Click the "Update / Add" button and apply the new template to the chart window. This will then apply the correct hours to any issue you are displaying whether it is equities, futures and so forth. Please let me know if you have any questions.



    eSignal Community Support
  8. reg



    I tried what you suggested and it did not work. It got worse since the chart now only shows data up to 1500 ET instead of 1600. I am puzzled since in my older version of eSignal (7.4), I did not have to do all this. My setting was at Intraday Default and the Automatic Start/End Times box was not even checked.
    Is there a way that I can delete my current version (7.6) and install the 7.4 version again? I am quite unhappy with the 7.6.
  9. eSignal Support

    eSignal Support eSignal

    Hi Reg,

    I'm not sure we're all talking the same issue here so it would be really helpful to have you post a screenshot so we can understand exactly what you're seeing. If the problem is not in 7.4 and started with 7.6, sure sounds like a s/w issue to me. We have also found a problem with scaling and pop-out windows in 7.6 so we may be headed for a maintenance release fairly soon anyway.

    We've got great built-in tools w/in eSignal to publish a picture to our File Share area. If you haven't used File Share yet, here's a handy howto guide.

    Please start a thread here and post your screenshot so our engineers will see it and I'll keep an eye out for it as well.

  10. reg


    I had stated the problem very clearly - no data, no candlesticks the last 30 - 40 minutes of the trading day. If I have a 10 min. candlestick chart running, I will be getting 4 lines like this ----
    instead of 4 candlesticks. I do not know how to explain it further.
    Can I still go back to version 7.4?
    Thanks for your help.
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