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    Upgraded With More Than Two Dozen Enhancements, Including Increased Market Depth, World Financial News, More Robust marketprofile and Advanced Charts

    Hayward, CA, December 2, 2003 – eSignal, a division of Interactive Data Corporation (NYSE: IDC) and a leading provider of streaming, real-time financial market data, news, analytics and decision support tools to professional and individual traders, today announced the immediate availability of eSignal 7.5. This innovative upgrade to its award-winning market-analytics platform furnishes subscribers with extended intraday data, added market depth, news from Dow Jones NewsPlus and AFX News, more advanced charts, new add-on studies and full integration with eSignal Market Scanners. eSignal 7.5 also supports a connection to the new eSignal Office Server that provides clients with a cost-effective and efficient way of managing bandwidth for all eSignal users within a single office.

    “We continually search for ways to improve our analytics platform in order to provide a superior trade decision experience for our clients,” said Chuck Thompson, president of eSignal. “eSignal 7.5 reaffirms our aggressive approach to the industry by creating technology that provides timely market analytics services in a user-friendly manner.”

    Greater Market Depth for Improved Research Intelligence

    eSignal 7.5 now offers market depth from the Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME), Chicago Board of Trade (CBOT) and New York Open Book with New York Liquidity Quote (NYLQ) and Foreign Currency Market (FOREX) for viewing the bid/ask for each FOREX contributor.

    Global Market News

    AFX News feeds are now available in eSignal 7.5 covering Europe, Asia and the UK, providing up-to-the-minute market news coverage for the eSignal subscriber community.

    For news affecting U.S. markets, eSignal 7.5 now offers the Dow Jones NewsPlus service, a significant enhancement to the Dow Jones News services already available via eSignal. The Dow Jones NewsPlus features eliminates the need to use retrieval codes, enabling users to move easily beyond the thousands of daily, scrolling headlines to find a quick and comprehensive review of market-moving stories, market updates, analysis and commentary.

    New Expanded History, Investigative Tools and Charts

    eSignal 7.5 doubles its intraday history by offering six months of data, enabling subscribers to identify larger trends in the market. Options traders will find added value in the new daily histories of options including the open, high, low and close values.

    The eSignal 7.5 update also offers new technical studies from leading experts including Kase StatWare, Bollinger Band Tool Kit and Jan Arps’ Sigma Bands. Each of these studies provides proprietary indicators that automatically adapt to changing market conditions, increasing an investor’s views into volatile market conditions. Other additions to eSignal 7.5 include several enhancements to the advanced charts feature. Most notably are the improved symbol and study overlays with better axis management, several marketprofileSM additions and the newly available indicator, Andrew’s Pitchfork.

    Additional New and Enhanced Features

    In all, eSignal 7.5 contains more than 27 new and enhanced features that improve the platform’s delivery capabilities. A detailed description of these features is available online at

    About eSignal:

    The eSignal division ( of Interactive Data Corporation (NYSE: IDC) ( is a leading global provider of financial and business information to professionals and active individual investors. Building on a 20-year legacy of delivering time-sensitive financial information, eSignal provides streaming, real-time market data, news and analytics. The company's suite of products includes eSignal®, eSignal Market Scanner, Advanced GET, eSignal Pro and MarketCenter.


    marketprofile is a service mark of the Chicago Board of Trade.

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  2. Raphel,

    I just downloaded and installed the 7.5 version. I tried to retrieve historical data and could not go further back than November 28, 2003, using either symbols ES Z3=2, or ES #F=2. Otherwise the software works just fine. Any suggestions?


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    I am guessing that you are probably looking at a tick or tick based chart. Those only have 10 days of data available.

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    I am currently using a competing software, but I'm thinking of changing/adding another. A few questions. Is there a symbol limit with e-Signal? Does your software have a real time scanner that will scan the entire market, not just the symbols I have listed? Can you export data via SSL or DDE to Excel in real time? Thanks.
  5. size


    Why only ten days of tick data?
  6. Tea


    Now the title lettering is spread across the entire top of the chart blocking candles making new highs. This is not an improvement.

  7. Raphel,

    Thank you for your response. Actually, I was using 1-minute charts. However, I noticed this morning that the historical data goes back beyond the date I mentioned, although I have not yet checked the limit. As you are no doubt aware, even using the Ctrl and arrow keys to scroll back is a time consuming process (even with a DSL connection). I will check for the limit later this evening and advise you if I cannot access the promised 6 months of intraday data.



  8. - eSignal still didn't fix the bug of those annoying "stuck labels" on the X and Y axis. Please see this thread:

    - Please create shortcuts keys for "Save Layout" and "Save Layout and All files".

    Hope eSig rep can pass this to someone who listens.. been asking about these for quite a while..

  9. Tea,

    I was bothered too but there is a way to remove this: RightClick the chart, choose Edit Studies, and un-check "Display Description"
  10. Tea


    Thanks, I'll try that.
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