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  1. i don't really have a good understanding of this. right now i use DDE to get data from esignal into excel, but i only get today's data. when 7.4 comes out, what will i need to do to get historical data into excel? help a newb.
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    eSignal's API is intended for commerical use only, however with the release of 7.4 will come support for ActiveX. ActiveX is a development tool adopted by eSignal to give third party users, including brokers, software developers and individual users, access to quotes, tick and history data, trading information and more. The ActiveX tools provides third party with the ability to access eSignal data through the eSignal application and Data Manager.

    ActiveX permits third party to develop an application in any language. Only a few lines of code are required for developing applications that receive quote data and only slightly more development is required for accessing tick and history data. In addition to developing third party applications that use quote and history data, ActiveX can also be used to send data to a trading ticket for order execution and for receive trading information back into eSignal.

    Further details regarding pricing will be provided once 7.4 is released.
  3. Jay,

    Will the ActiveX interface in 7.4 allow for real time export of time and sales data into a spreadsheet. Not just a snapshot, but the capture of each trade to a row?

  4. yeah, sorry.. i meant to say ActiveX, not API; i just mixed them up.

    anyway, how difficult will it be to do something like getting yesterday's closing price into a cell in excel? i don't need to do anything complicated, but i'm not really much of a programmer.

    also, i already have the 7.4 beta version. can i do this stuff now?

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    Fitst, the speed of the enhancement of this software is pretty impressive.

    Actually, I was expecting some API of eSignal, but I gave up.
    Now I heard 7.4 supports the feature, and try do some thing.

    I downloaded 7.4 RC from eSignal FileShare site.
    I would like to have ActiveX samples and documentations.
    How or where can I obtain these?

    Thank you.
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    The ActiveX component of 7.4 is currently in a closed beta, however with the release of 7.4, ActiveX will be available. Documentation on integrating ActiveX with eSignal can be found at this File Share group, however keep in mind that this is still in closed beta. This means unless you are part of this beta testing group, you will be unable to test any code written against this interface until it is fully released.
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    Just getting data into Excel can be done through DDE right now. An example spreadsheet can be found under Start --> Programs --> eSignal.
  8. yeah, i'm doing this now for the current day's data. but isn't it true i can't use DDE for historical data?

    for example, say i use DDE to get today's open in excel. if i want the previous 2 day's closing prices, i can't use DDE for that, right? i will need to use ActiveX for that in 7.4 when it comes out, correct?

  9. You're right, you will need ActiveX for to retrieve historical data, DDE don't handle it for you, some workaround are possible but too cumbersome and don't work in every case.

  10. Did I read pricing?? This feature should be free for users to develop freeware using eSignal. It will bring you new customers thanks to the freeware mania...
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