eSignal 7.3 beta with popout windows - anyone tried it yet?

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  1. Anyone??

    Seems pretty cool.
  2. What is the link to download beta versions?
  3. cartm


    What are popout windows? the beta for 7.3 already out, 7.2 just came out a few weeks ago........I hope they included mkt depth (5) for the eminis in the new those guys are fast lol
  4. All, build 564 has been uploaded ( THIS IS A BETA RELEASE.

    If you use this build, any files (charts, quote windows, etc...) that you save will not work in previous releases. You might want to backup those files.

    Inside the zip file are the release notes. There have been additions to the program in general as well as EFS.

    - THE BIGGEST FEATURE in this release is POPOUT WINDOWS! When you open most any window
    in eSignal now (a chart, quote window, market depth, etc..) you'll notice a new item
    in the titlebar.

    In it's original state (pointing outwards) if you click on it, it "pops the window out".
    Notice when you click the window now shows up in the task bar. You can also now drag it OUTSIDE
    of the eSignal main app window. If you minimize eSignal, that window stays up.
    Sorta has a life of it's own :)

    If you want to put it back into eSignal, just click the button again. If you save your
    layout and the window is popped out, it will be popped out when you re-open that layout.

    - If you want the popout windows, you need to edit your winsig.ini (in your windows folder)
    and add to the [MAG] section:


    If there is no [MAG] section then add this:

  5. where can we download this beta?
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    Bung, I'm not sure why I didn't get the beta email since I have gotten them before, anyway, did it mention anything else that was planned for the new release, besides "popout windows"?...tia
  7. i believe it has been posted to esignalcentral.

    i haven't tried it yet, since (apparently) nobody else has either.

    apparently you have to back up your current layouts before upgrading, as once they are opened by b564, they will no longer work with previous versions...
  8. Chuck_T

    Chuck_T eSignal

    We have posted an early beta for eSignal 7.3 with a new feature called floating windows. You can now drag a chart window, quote window, etc, out of the main eSignal program frame. This makes eSignal much more usable for the multiple monitor users to set up the look and feel of their layouts in a bigger desktop space.

    This is a feature I've been looking to have for years and have never seen anything quite like this on any quote system.

    If you would like to check it out it is located here:

  9. When will it be possible to :

    - use line tools on Tick charts, second chart, volume charts ?

    - change the width of the fibonacci lines ?

    - change the point value for the backtester module ? (futures)

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    Thanks to eSignal for adding this feature. Very useful and something I was very much looking forward to and frustrated by not having it. My own personal request, which you and I have discussed in a few PM's, is to be able to create futures overlays in the form of a line over the underlying security which would be in the form of candlesticks, for instance, in the charts. As I had mentioned to you, I had quite a bit of input into possibly creating this with the development team from the time even before Version 7 was first released. But you mentioned this was very difficult to do, due to the different scales on each side of the chart. I just don't understand what would make it so difficult. CyberTrader, RealTick and a lot of other software includes this feature. Seems pretty basic to me and it's something I use a lot. Any other software developers out there with thoughts about this? Here's an image of what the chart actually looks like from RealTick. Thanks to eSignal though for all the upgrades which are much appreciated. Hope they're not used to lure everyone in though, eliminate a lot of the competition, and then drastically jack up the subscription price. :)
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