eSignal 7.3 and upper USER wish list

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by GeorgeSoros, Jan 16, 2003.

  1. I start this thread just for features requests. PLEASE NO OTHER COMMENTS on this thread, use all other eSignal threads for that. I will monitor and remove msgs in this thread that are not focused on this subject matter.
  2. - ability to change Fibonacci line width
    - ability to use Tick, second, vol charts like normal adv charts : line + adv line available
    - chat feature should be easier to access : icon in a toolbar? special menu and so on...

    - INTRADAY HISTORY : 1 year of data before TS7 release? And more I hope in the near future.
    - MARKETS DATA : More Asian markets (Hong Kong, Japan?), Spanish Future market (MIB)

    - SPREAD : they may update realtime now but they are still lines whereas other softwares allows candles, bars and so on (see Qcharts for example).
    - SPREAD : Try AD-BP : the number of decimals is limited to 2 where we would need at least 4 or 5.
    - OPTIONS : it should be possible to use adv charts to draw options as easily as it is with Qcharts. I know many options traders that try eSignal and then cancelled to go back to Qchart.

    - CANDLE VOLUME / EQUIVOLUME price representation : asked in my previous emails, it is still missing (see Metastock for those price representations)
    - MARKET PROFILE / PRICE VOLUME : Should be possible to do a market profile,
    and Price/Volume on adv charts.
    - X DAYS, X WEEKS, X MONTHS bars : I should be able to say I want a 2 days bar, or 2 weeks bars instead of 1 day , 1 week etc...

    - BACKTESTING : a LOT to be done here :
    - In the first window after you select Back Testing, you should be able to fix :
    POINT VALUE (the biggest complain from future traders since 7.1 release)
    - A lot of bugs are remaining : Try a backtest with 30s, Time Analysis still displays
    a compression of 30 minutes (bug reported in August 2002, 5 months ago!), same
    with tick, volume ticks. So all the statistics are false(for example 107.91% in the
    - An OPTIMIZER : The variables to be optimised should be in the EFS code like with Wealth-Lab
    # OptVar1
    - Monte Carlo optimisations to speed up multi variables optimisations.
    - If you have time : Rankings list : you could select multiple strategies and there will be
    a global ranking of all the EFS selected...

    - QUOTE SHEETS : with Radarscreen, TS has a nice quote sheet, a quote sheet could accept EFS in a cell
    like in RavenQuote.

    - REAL SCANNERS : there are a lot to be done on the subject...An integrated scanner but not as expensive as Adv Get scanner, but a lot faster and customizable than what is done now. HotList of Qcharts are nice simple 'scanners' for example.
  3. I support many request from G Soros, specially this:

    QUOTESHEET with EFS support in the style of Ravenquote. If you can, support external plugin for graphic inside cells could be a very usefull thing. As mentionned in the message of G Sorros, it seem that TS7 go in this way for their Radarscreen in the next generation.

    REALTIME SCANNER is also something that could be integrated in the futur.

    BETTER IB INTEGRATION, with the capacity to route directly, support for multi-accounts, programmable hot key for to trade.
  4. alain


    better real time data export (like over sigtools but with historical prices) - not only the current action, also past prices (i.e. to import into excel or any other vb application)
  5. "REALTIME SCANNER is also something that could be integrated in the future."

    Sooner the better. A knock off of QCharts Hot Lists will be ideal.
  6. Keltner Channels with adjustable parameters