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    We are pleased to announce that the eSignal 7.2 Release Candidate is ready for users to look at.

    This is not the final release, but it's a version that we feel comfortable for more users to look at. The installer and additional broker plug-ins are available at: Release Candidate

    The biggest items to look at are:

    Market Depth window - this replaces the level 2 window and has tabs for Nasdaq SuperMontage, Island and ARCA ECN data.

    Replay Mode - to replay chart data after hours - right click on an advanced chart, select tools, and then Enter Replay.

    Formula Wizard – to write EFS Javascript - available from Tools on the main menu bar.

    Chat - there is a new Chat window under File / New that gets you started.

    This build requires that you install the latest version of any Integrated Broker files if you're not already on the latest ones. There are now plug-in installers for each of the current brokers in the same location as the installer.

    IB requires you to have TWS running in the background to work. There is some information about that in the welcome message of the plug-in. If TWS is not running, the broker will show up in the Trade menu, but you won't be able to use any of the windows.

    Cyber requires you to have CyberX2 installed on the PC, but it doesn't have to be running for eSignal to access it. If CyberX2 is not installed, the broker will not show up in the Trade menu even if you have installed the plug-in.

    Two new integrated brokerages, Options Express and Refco don't require any other programs to be loaded on the PC to appear in the Trade menu, but Refco requires an account login to see any of the windows.

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  3. Chuck,
    for subscriber of Level II, does the Island and Arca books will be available for the Release Candidate or only Montage is available at this moment?

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    We completely reworked what was the Level II Window - the old one is gone in 7.2.

    Its relacement is called Market Depth and it shows 3 views of Nasdaq SuperMontage that replaces the Level II display. In this Market Depth window you will see buttons to switch from the SuperMontage to Island or Arca ECN book.

    You can customize this new MD window in many more ways.

    So all 3 will be available to you.

  5. Chuck, am a present and long-time esignal customer. There seems to be an "issue" with the advanced charting when it comes to creating point and figure charts. Could you please look into it? Thanks
  6. Chuck, when I go on the Island Tab, a red message mentionned :

    «Not entitled for Island»,

    and the same for ARCA, even if I am a Level II subscriber, does it is normal?
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    Hi GATrader,

    Could you private mail me the details of what you see as the problem? We'll take a look at it and report back.

    Andy s.
  8. eSignal Support

    eSignal Support eSignal

    Hi North Pesos,

    The Island & Arca books won't be available till the release. When the release comes out (currently scheduled for next week), then if you're a subscriber to Market Depth, you'll have to add on the ECN books thru Account Maintenance. Right now, only the Montage is available in the Release Candidate.

    Andy S.
    eSignal Support
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    If you haven't looked through our File Sharing area on eSignal Central, I think that might be a good place to start. Over 1500 files and chart examples so far... You can look through the Group Directory or search for key words.

    You'll find a multi-media tour of Advanced Charting here:

    Visit eSignalCentral and talk to other users. If we don't have a study someone is probably programming it in EFS (eSignal Formula Script).

    Chuck - All Welcome, No Ads!
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