eSignal 7.0 - new charts, formula script, & drawing tools.

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    New studies are posted each week for the new 7.0 with source code for free to help users write their own studies.

    Check out either the egroups site:

    or the 20+ on the Trading Solutions site:

    With the new eSignal 7.0 you can write your own in eSignal Formula Script (Javascript) or we can help. Post any requests for a new study on the eSignal egroups site and we'll see if we can program it up.

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  4. I dont use studies. What other improvements can we look forward to in ESignal?

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    eSignal 7.1 Beta is now available for testers to take a look at. If you'd like to assist us test the new features, please go to to register.

    New Features that are available in the first beta build:

    BackTesting - eSignal 7.1 offers its own backtesting language allowing you the ability to develop and test studies against historical data to see how they perform. BackTesting results can be presented in a series of Strategy Performance Reports that help take the guess work out of trading. Using the Strategy Performance Report, you’ll have the unique ability to see the pros and cons of your strategy, change the way you buy and sell, improve trading robustness and gain faith in your trading performance.

    Tick Charts - Already available in the standard charts, we’re bringing Tick Charts into the new Advanced Charting. In this first beta, you will only be able to view 1-day of ticks, but it’ll give you a good idea of what we’re doing. You can choose to show dots for each trade, bid, and/or ask as well as choose to connect them with a line. The chart only moves as each new update comes in giving you a fixed amount of space for each tick.

    Tick Bars - Not only can you look at ticks in the Advanced Charting, but you can also select a set number of ticks to make up a bar or candle. To use this feature you simply need to make the interval something like 7T, 50T, 123T, or any number of ticks you’d like.
    Seconds Bars - Now, you’re no longer limited to intervals in whole minutes, and can set an interval in seconds. To use this feature you simply need to make the interval something like 13S, 45S, 90S, or any number of seconds you’d like.

    Price Filtering - This filter on the Advanced Charts allows you to set a % range or % average range of a bar compared to the bars before and after. If a price comes in that is outside the filtered range, it will be displayed in a different color of your choice and won’t be used to calculate any studies or to set the scaling of the chart.

    Data Export - You’ll be able to export all the data from an Advanced Chart in tabular format including any studies applied at the time. The export can be in text format, separated by commas or in an .html format. It can also be copied to your clipboard so you can paste it into any other program that can take this format.

  6. Chuck,

    Let me know when you fix the problem with bad ticks. IE, you scrub them off very quickly, about 20 - 30 secs, like Qcharts.

    THEN, I will be interested in looking at the new e-signal.

    Til then, bad ticks just screw up the charts. Once you get one, your chart is hosed for the duration of the time period you are looking at.

    I am at a loss to understand your failure to fix this.
  7. I'll also be interested in when all the other bugs, especially with standard charts, is fixed. New features are nice but not when they come at the expense of existing ones not working right. I know these are beta releases but the so-called official one back at 7.0/7.01 was problematic so where does that leave the user?

    What I find galling is when something worked right before but is now problematic. 2 steps forward and 3 backwards.
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    Numerous fixes are included in each release. I believe the standard charts are fine but if you are still seeing a problem email it to and they will address it directly.

    There was also a resource problem, some what related to different graphic cards, this appears to be gone in the beta.

    There are a few new things still to be added to 7.1. With Nasdaq Super Montage there are changes to the Market Depth window (Level II). These will be rolled out shortly.

    Also, integrated brokerage access is being added. We have talked about having Cybertrader and Interactive Brokers, and are now talking to Patsystems to include them.

    Also, more information on the status can be found here:

  9. I think I misworded my earlier post. Let's try this.

    It is a simple question.

    Are you going to fix the problem of bad ticks?

    YES ?


    NO ?

    If yes...

    WHEN ?
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    Yes, we fix bad ticks. Not all exchanges give notice of correcting ticks so it sometimes has to be done manually. If you see a bad tick, call CS or use LiveRep and if verified they can fix it.

    One of the features of 7.1 listed above is the price filtering of data set by the user to catch these in real time so they won't mess up a chart.

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