esignal 240min troubles, confirmation pls

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    the upper url leads to the documentation of my current problem. it would be nice if some of u can confirm this, or not.

    if it works for u, pls proof via screenshot according to the screenshots in this linked thread. and it would also be nice, if some of u post a replay in this thread.

    unfortunately i dont know how to attache a file to my post in this forum.

    thank u and happy new year
  2. bobnat


    It's a good thing I use Esignal. You do realize that people need to register to access that post?

    Anyway, try setting your pc to either GMT or PST and see if that clears it up. I had a problem with 4 hour charts as well with the Forex feed and this cleared it up for me.

    Bear in mind that I've been using the Tahoe charts for about 3 years now...I think they call them the Advanced Get Lite or something like that, so it might be a different issue. But give it a try, and I'm now curious to know how it works out.

  3. Another eSignal bug to be aware of . . . It has issues with I.E. 7.0. It is in your best interest to uninstall I.E. 7.0 if you are using eSignal.
  4. hi,

    no i wasn't aware of the fact that one needs an esignal forum account. but it doesn't depend on an esignal data feed subscription. so everyone who wants to know about this problem can easily create her/his own one.

    the trick of changing the timezone to gmt doesn't work.

    i will give esignal a chance to fix this problem of course. their service is very good i think and i had not any other problem so far.
    but they should keep in mind that i am right now looking for alternatives with all what depends on such an important decision.
    and i wont hesitate to cancel my subscription if they cant/want or whatever fix it SOON, no question.

    it would be interesting to know if this error also happens with other gtis forex data vendors like tenfore ect. one would be able to know if esignal is responsible or not. but im afraid of they are.