eSignal 11 on Windows 8

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by learner2007, Oct 21, 2012.

  1. I need to buy 3 new computers, and would rather wait until next week for Windows 8 and slightly better hardware. But eSignal said they haven't tested 11 on 8 yet. Has anyone tried using 11 on a pre-release version? And if so, would you please let us know if it seemed to run smoothly.

    Thank you
  2. you can either do the obvious and email/call esignal and ask them or check out the windows 8 website that lists programs that are compatible but i doubt they'd list esignal even if it was
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    Next years intel chip, haswell uses 5% of the power of ivy bridge so i am waiting. It will mean much smaller computers as the power supply does not have to provide as much power.

  4. As I said [But eSignal said they haven't tested 11 on 8 yet.].

    But having spent the last few hours reading what people are now saying about 8 and how they have problems displaying multiple windows on the screen, I'm leaning towards going with 7. It sounds as though running a number of applications or 11's detached windows might be rough.