eSignal 11.5 Releases

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by Joe Doaks, Feb 11, 2013.

  1. Build 11.5.2959 went up on Feb 7, 2013. Heaven forfend that they should inform users by email or on the support forum when they make a new release.

    I still hate it relative to 10.6 but I converted over about a week ago with much aggravation and dissatisfaction because eventually I'll have no choice. Better to wrestle with the beast now than when I am older and feebler.

    Obviously I am not a shill.
  2. Email? Normally when they put out a new version a message pops up right there in the application...

    What's changed?
  3. Maybe I don't have it configured right. Thanks!

  4. The previous updates past 10.6 have been unusable in my opinion. Does this new one perform better? I don't really care too much about the "look" I'm sure I'll get used to whatever it is, but is this newest one close to 10.6 in speed?
  5. A hard question to answer. What I do is chart on one minute and one second and run fourteen home-brewed studies. I have performance metrics for those studies in 10.6, but 11.5 does not yet have a performance monitor. My gut feel is that 11.5 loads slower, but as to execution speeds I have no clue.

    As to look and feel, 11.5 is wasteful of screen space relative to 10.6. But I have been developing codes in eSignal for 13 years and am reluctant to change to another provider. So I am suffering through in hopes that it gets better. It clearly is designed for dumbfucks to use.
  6. No, I didn't get any notification, so someone just screwed up on their end.
  7. Not possible. They're perfect. What bothers me as a committed client is the dearth of bitching and/or questions on the user forum. Is everybody slobbering happy or don't they give a shit?

    I must be fair and say that I haven't been able to break the last couple of updates, which is why I migrated over. But I don't use all the canned bells and whistles, which IMO are just one great big con of the uninitiated. If all that crap worked in real trading everybody would be rich.
  8. Joe, what do you mean when you say the last couple of updates? Are you talking about updates to 10.6? I wasn't aware there have been any updates.

  9. Sorry I wasn't clear, Bear. I'm a chronic Alzheimocolic. I meant the last two updates to v11.5. Prior to that I had issues with 11.5, now my codes run fine and the page format is stable. Amazed at how I couldn't comprehend my own shit when presented in 11.5 format, which I loathe.

  10. If I'm not mistaken the pop up message appears only when a new version (11.4, 11.5) comes out, and not when a new build to the current version is released as one was on 11 Feb.
    They used to announce new builds in the Forums. So now you just have to keep checking the download page for new builds.
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