ESignal 11.4 Bug Thread

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by Albert Cibiades, Apr 20, 2012.

  1. My issue with V11.4 is that it adds bells and whistles but fails to provide the basic error-free functionality of 10.6. Here is an annoying example. If a study returns a value it does not display in the scale unless the chart is scrolled back one unit of time. Attached is a simple example which returns the close. No value in the scale. The next post shows that the value is displayed if the chart is scrolled backward. Why post this here rather than report it? Because they care little for the private complaints of individual small-fry users.
  2. The second attachment. Overall the functionality of 11.4 differs so dramatically from that of 10.6 that it appears it was designed by the marketing department.
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    The issue you are describing is not a bug as far as I can tell. You seem to have turned off the display of the study in the y-axis. To turn this back on, just right-click in the y-axis area and select the study once again.

  4. That got me confused as well, thought it was outright broken in the beginning. And i cant think of any scenario where haveing an incorrect y-scale for a plot might make sense.
  5. I am old, not stupid.
  6. Perhaps "bug" is too harsh a word. "Bugger" may be better. This one drives me nuts and makes it unusable for me. I use a lot of "helper" studies to visualize the state of multiple systems simultaneously. In v11 you cannot compress the vertical height of a study as much as you can in v10. The attached composite screen shot shows on the top seven studies compressed vertically the way I like them in v10. The bottom shows seven studies with v11's maximum vertical compression. V11 wastes for me about 60% of the allocated screen space in helper studiy stacks, of which I use four. In general, I find that v11 wastes about 15% screen space relative to v10 for various reasons which I will show later.
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    Thank you for this additional detail and the screenshot. I have a general feeling for what is causing this behavior to occur, and we will look at it in more detail for a future release. I think we could solve this even faster if you zip up the page in question and send it to me via Private Message; in that way, we can save a step by fixing exactly what you are seeing on your end.