eSignal 10.3 Brings Easy Trading Direct from Charts

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    We recently put up a new version of eSignal on our download page that has a powerful new feature for eSignal subscribers.

    On the Advanced Chart toolbar resides two new buttons… a Buy and a Sell button. These simply allow you to place orders directly from the charts. In the image below, the position is long 1 contract of the E-Mini S&P at 914.25. With a single click, one can place a stop or target level.

    Any of these orders can be adjusted by a simple drag and drop. For instance, to move my stop to break even, one can simply grab it and drag it to the position line. Likewise, any pending order can be cancelled by clicking on the “X” and any position can be closed at the market price by clicking on the “X” on position line.

    All the default order sizes, types and bracket styles can be customized within the trade management section of eSignal, which enables you to quickly place exactly the order you want, when you want and as fast as possible once the trade decision has been made.

    This release candidate version of 10.3 can be downloaded for free. Just head on over to to grab your copy today!
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    Glad to see that coming out with new features is still a higher priority than fixing existing bugs and stability related issues that have existed since 7.0.
  3. I had a question how come there is no depth of market available for Nymex and ICE when if I use other data services they are available, it's not even possible at an extra cost, I only have best bid and best offer. Any ideas? Thanks.
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    Actually, if you look at 10.3's release notes, you'll see that many more bugs were fixed than features were released. In fact, much of our development efforts are put towards stabilization and bug correction.

    With 10.3, another major feature directly relates to performance. Here's a snippet from our Release Notes PDF located in the eSignal directory after install:

    Data hibernation is the ability for the eSignal application to put symbols to sleep that aren’t being used. For example, if you had a Quote Window that had 120 symbols on it, but only 30 lines long, then you will only receive data for those 30 symbols. 90 of those symbols will be hibernated until the point in which they become visible on your screen. This can dramatically lower the amount of data being processed by eSignal and being downloaded from the eSignal servers.

    The data hibernation algorithm implements many safeguards to ensure that your usage of eSignal is not impacted by this change. First, if any symbols exist in Advanced Charts, they are never hibernated. This is important because of the processing of EFS files may still need this data. Second, if any alerts are set, those symbols are never hibernated. Likewise, if global alerts are turned on then the user has the choice to either alert only on visible symbols or all symbols, the latter of which would disable hibernation."

    Beyond hibernation, we're looking to support multi-threading in the first half of 2009. In addition, we're re-writing much of eSignal from the ground up to provide a more modern code-base to move the product forward not just in 2009, but for many years to come.
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    ICE Depth is one of our active projects at the moment, grg. I don't have an accurate ETA at the moment, but it should be out soon.
  6. Excellent - congratulations.