eSignal 10.2 Launched

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    I'm pleased to announce the release of eSignal 10.2. This version brings forth new features and enhancements as well as delivering on the continued promise of increased performance and stability. For a high level summary of 10.2 features, please see the below feature list.

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    Note: Due to continued increases in market volumes, we have adjusted our system requirements for all eSignal 10.2 products. These can be viewed on the eSignal download page.

    New Features
    Forex Window
    Designed specifically for currency traders, the new Forex Window displays currency data in a functional, space-efficient and visually pleasing way. It highlights the significant digits in quotes as well as showing the flags for the countries that represent each side of the cross-rate contract. Drag and drop is also included.

    Performance Optimizations
    As market volumes continue to rise, it is even more vital that eSignal be further streamlined to perform well during peak volume periods. Incoming streaming data processing has been optimized in this version. In addition, numerous crashes/bugs have been addressed.

    Split Labels and Back-adjusted Intraday Charts
    A long awaited improvement to eSignal! All Advanced Charts now display a marker at the bottom of the chart to denote when a split took place. In addition, all intraday charts are now back-adjusted based on the split ratio. This is done locally via a configuration file, and can be disabled via Chart Properties.

    Improved Symbol Search Window
    Easier to use interface allows users to get the information they need faster and more intuitively. Loads all found symbols into the search results space and allows those results to be easily sorted and exported to various eSignal windows.

    Streamline Trading Integration
    The Trade Manager window has been reworked to provide a more space-efficient view that better matches a typical trader’s needs. The Account Manager has replaced the legacy Broker Window and has been moved to the Trade menu, a more intuitive location for its function.

    Morningstar Reports*
    Includes detailed analyst reports on more than 2,000 mutual funds, as well as analyst picks, stewardship grades, fund family scores, and much more. Get in-depth ETF Analyst Reports, consider buying and selling prices, and expected return figures for dozens of well-known and niche ETFs; over 150 Exchange Traded Funds are covered.
    * eSignal Pro Accounts only

    Full Enterprise Server Support
    The Enterprise Server is an on-site server which resides between the eSignal server farm and client to serve as a consolidated connection / distribution point for the eSignal desktop applications. eSignal 10.2 will fully support this high-impact institutional winner.

    In-Band Ping
    This provides invaluable tools designed to detect latency throughout the data pathways. A packet of data is sent from our ticker plant that is populated with a time stamp at each hop within our systems, enterprise server and various localized components. It is then sent back up through those same systems for analysis and logging.

    News Manager Optimization
    This streamlines the performance of the News Manager window, which will improve the experience for our heavy users of news services.

    SingleBook Odd-lot Filter
    The Single Book tab of the Market Depth window automatically filters out an odd lot order. This is defined as an order that is not divisible by 100. This is a togglable feature appearing in the Market Depth Properties called "Show Odd Lot Orders" and the default is checked.

    Horizontal Line Label
    Advanced Charts have a new way to display support and resistance directly on the chart. When a horizontal line is drawn, a user can add a new label to the chart that displays the value of that line. The label can be placed in a variety of locations based on the user preferences.
  2. jtnet


    does Brent T still work there?
  3. Did you guys increase the intra day history like you talked about?
    What about historic data going back further for Daily charts
    Talking futures ES
  4. Shaqi


    You cant download this damn thing 10.2. getting disconnected from server due to time outs!!!!!!!
  5. JayF_eSignal

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    There may be an issue with the web server or a traffic related issue. We are investigating. In the meantime, you can use this alternative link to grab the latest.
  6. Has anyone had a chance to trade on 10.2 today. I tried downloading it several times and it failed out. I will try again tomorrow morning. Any feedback appreciated
  7. Whatever happened to EFS in quote windows?
  8. Shaqi



    How do I set Futures Continous Contract settings to ensure that the chart data rolls over automatically to the next trading month with the highest open interest or volume. What I want here is to make sure that the data shown on continous contracts is related to the trading month with highest open interest or volume at all times.

    Your default continous futures chart keep on uploading data in a trading month until almost expiry date even though voume and open interest are almost dead and would have moved on to the next trading month. Very few traders keep onen positions until expiry date so its inaccurate for what we do.

  9. eSignal Support

    eSignal Support eSignal

    Very much alive and in the works. We made a fairly significant change in our desktop development efforts and are working on a major redesign that includes a new "framework". With the redesign, we'll address 64 bit and multi-threaded capabilities. Once that's completed, we'll have an all-new quote window that will eventually include EFS fields.

    Lots of exciting improvements coming in 09.

  10. eSignal Support

    eSignal Support eSignal

    Users can control the specific dates that each contract rolls but we don't currently offer configuration based on volume or OI.

    This KB article give all the details:

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