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  1. Just got off custoemr service with e-signal..

    Downloaded 10.1..... it is much much faster..

    under preferences you can set the monitor refresh rate...

    set it to MEDIUM.. much much better performance

    you find the link on the download page about half way down.. it si a pre-release..just shut down e-signal and click on teh download button no reason to delete old e0signal etc.

  2. when you have a lot of charts, do you get a lot of flicker going on?
    Like when you open a new window, the program flickers, sometimes across multiple monitors?
    If so, does that refresh rate thing fix it?

    I've had this issue with FS Workstation...I added memory thinking that would help it..
    it hasn't..
    I'm thinking it may be my videocard, or it's the fucking platform...

  3. not sure about TS .. but lowering the refresh rate should help.. you can only do this if TS supports teh feature.. the new e-signal 10.1 is really fast
  4. RL8093


    Much faster than 10.0 or 8.0???

    I'm using ver 8.0 (the one before the notoriously slow 10.0) and things are managing to get even worse. Today, after the FOMC (not immediately after - 10-15 minutes later and on), the delays were from 4 - 10 seconds (when compared w/ Ninja-Zen). I couldn't believe it - completely amazing! :eek:

  5. it is because of people like you that it pains me to even give good information on this site... so listen dumba__ .. yes it is faster than those versdions so why don't you down load it and try it and thank me rather than bringing up stupid stuff like 8.0 or 10.0 it si 10.1 and it is new.. charts quotes and everything else run much smoother and much much faster.. anyway ..
  6. Chuck_T

    Chuck_T eSignal

    Yes, eSignal version 10.1 is faster than 8.0 and 10.0. Especially on loading charts and Time and Sales windows. It also uses less memory.

    The refresh rate setting only affects the quote windows. This is helpful for users with slow video cards with little video memory and won't affect the other windows.

    Here is the link for eSignal 10.1 Gold release:

  7. JayF_eSignal

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    Chuck and jaytrader are right; eSignal 10.1 is much faster than any previous version. There have been numerous advances in CPU optimization, memory usage, start-up times, and it's especially good at handling tick-based charting intervals like 144T, 5000V, etc. You can even use Time Templates to specify the session times for these types of charts now.

    I'd really encourage you to download it and try it out. I'm sure you'll see a difference. Please let us know how it goes too.
  8. jd7419


    I would like to come back to you guys (username jd74999 of 6 years) since I still think your program creates the nicest and user friendly layouts. The data feed problems which went on for months is what drove me away. If I was to come back I would need more than 2 peoples kudos and at least a free month to test it out. Right now I use dtn feed with sierra chart and although not as nice looking of a platform the feed has been MUCH more reliable than esignal during data spikes.
  9. I've been very happy with the newer version, but have never really had problems on the previous versions either. I use charts quite a bit and a lot of efs studies, but don't follow the minis to the level that many others here do and that seems to be where there were problems reported. I haven't heard much complaining lately about the data, so may be worth giving it another try.

    I do love the fact that I can just get a simple dump of time & sales data instead of waiting for a full day to fill in. I can actually get tick charts again too, which is great to see. I'm hoping that this release is the start of many more improvements like this.


  10. wjk


    I tried the 10.1 yesterday and today. Only complaints:

    1. 200 ma's don't chart until the chart is spread out to show 200 bars.
    2. after changing a chart symbol and coming back some minutes later, the data from the time I last looked to current was missing, creating artificial gaps.

    It is much faster, but I need to see all my data, including ma's once the chart is up.

    I have gone back to 8.0 for the time being.
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