eSig build 7.5 b622 a POS?

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by bungrider, Nov 10, 2003.

  1. man, this thing keeps locking up and freezing on me...

    is it too much to ask to open a new goddamn chart and simply have the program do what it's sup'd to do????

    said it before and i'll say it again, the worst part of this business is dealing with software and data vendors unreliable products.
  2. maxpi


    Thanks for the heads up.

    My 7.4 took a dump yesterday and gives me some error message and nothing else and I can't uninstall it properly either. It takes generations for these vendors to get bugs out and they never get them all. Auto experts advise to never buy the first 3 years of a model, same principle applies. Tradestation 2000 had five service packs and I still find odd little bugs in it.

    I worked on a software testing project at one point. It was an eye opener, huge project, medical equipment, dozens of people writing the code and a few testing the product. We got 700 bug reports per week for many, many weeks and I have no way to be sure they actually were able to fix all of them, I would like to think they did but I actually have no way to know that for sure.

    I think the C++ environment is set up so that you can fix bugs without affecting other portions of the code. Often in complex software it is very hard to make a change or fix something without introducing new problems, hopefully this software science gets better over time and makes it easier/cheaper to produce good stuff because these vendors don't try that hard. This trading software seems to be worse than most, probably because they know that you are motivated and will live with some problems.


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    bungrider / Max,

    Sounds like two separate issues going on, but possibly the same answer will apply. Please first review this FAQ, which discusses different reasons a freeze might occur. If none of that helps, then a Complete Uninstall/Reinstall may be needed as the last install might have been corrupted.
  4. hahahahahaaaaaaaaaa again

    apparently you can't open charts with esignal advanced charting.

  5. Bungrider,

    I haven't had any problems opening charts. I checked around our call center and haven't heard of any issues with clients unable to open their charts. Certainly does sound specific to your case. If you would like to pm me with your account number, I'll get with a tech rep and we'll address this issue for you.

    I look forward to hearing from you.