ESH9 MAR 09 785C, contract not supported in IB?

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  1. Hmm...i decided to leave my covered call es mini mar 785C contract open until last day.

    So today i go and try to close it in IB by initiating a buy order. However it says "Contract not supported"? i thought today's the last trading day, must be missing something.

    I can still see the position and bid/ask, but just cannot initiate a buy order on the contract.

  2. Maybe 'cos it's expiry day for H9?
  3. yeah just figured it out it stops trading at 8:30 AM CST. I got a nice lecture from the IB cs about knowing what you are trading etc etc.. :p

    does anyone know how does the assignment process works in IB, so far i still see the option contract as open positions in my account with a static bid of 2, ask of 5.

    According to cme:

    "SERIALS are exercised into underlying cash-settled futures at their closing price on 3:15 p.m. on the 3rd Friday of the contract month"

    so does this mean, at 3:15PM today, whatever happen to be the price of the es futures will be cash settled (deducted from my account). But how do they determine the price of the underlying since that also stopped trading today? Do they just use the JUN es mini 500 price at 3:15PM?

  4. The index futures and futures options expired at 09:30 EDT. In the money index futures and futures options settled in cash based on the special opening quote of the SPX and the other indices.
  5. thanks, do you know how i can find out what this is?
  6. I don't know about es, but the SPX options settlement price (SET) is released about 1PM NY time.

    RUT (Russell 200 index) settlement price (RLS) is not available until end of trading day.

    Thus, it will be at least a few hours.

  7. Hi i searched everywhere on cme but cannot find where you can actually get the SOQ number. All the webpages i found explains the method used to determine the SOQ, but none of them tells you where to go to actually find the SOQ for es mini sp500 futures. It's 5PM after market now, the number should be available but where to go? :confused:

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