ESH5 + 6.25 / Spy - 0.05 ?

Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by Lucrum, Dec 16, 2005.

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    Options expiry related or am I missing something?
  2. SPY x-dividend today. Takes out .67.
  3. While were at it - QQQQ dividend .1011 and DIA dividend .24361 also today.

    I use Bloomberg and Tradestation during the day. Bloomberg adjusts for the dividend, TS doesn't.
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    OK Thanks.
  5. blogtrader

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    the dividends on the spyders are usually paid on friday?
  6. SPY X dates this year -

    Today - Friday
    9/16 - Friday
    6/17 - Friday
    3/18 - Friday

    Also, all option expiration days. I don't have a 2004 calendar, but it appears that way in 04 also. I'd never noticed that before.
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    where can we know the dates in advance?


    Several futures brokers offer nice calendars as bait while trolling for new clients. They'll send you one in exchange for letting yourself be pestered by a broker.

    Once you have your calendar you can tell 'em to bugger off. :D

    Here's one:
  9. I get x-dates from Bloomberg, for the ETF's they are generally announced about a month in advance. Today's was announced on 11/14.
  10. ??????...........SPY settles at 3PM, ESH6 settles at 3:15PM. A lot can happen during those 15 minutes, especially on a Friday & an expiration day.
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