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  1. Would you short it on the 9th(today), or would you sell call options, or would you buy put options?
  2. I was on record as saying ESCL was a scam long ago.

    Just a reminder.
  3. blast19


    No shares available to short. This thing is going to do a sidewinder into the guess is that the volume is from shorts covering who don't want to deal with hassle of the ticker change(?!?!?) Maybe...who knows.

    Lots of Institutions(if they haven't already) are going to unload, plus, the Spanish governemtn has 10s of millions of shares.

    I'd guess a lot is MMs naked shorting it because it's definitely going to be easy to cover later.
  4. blast19


    Anyone want easy money? The Options Clearing Corporation told me that as long as the stock(ESCL) is trading on an exchange(pinks) the options are viable. If you buy far off options, April maybe, this thing is bound to be under $3 soon.

    Once it goes pink it's going to get eaten alive...besides the 18,000,000 shares in the custody of the Spanish authorities that will be liquidated at some point.

    Easy money...I loaded the boat on $7.50 Puts this morning at a $.10 premium over prices at the time and am up 20%....probably a lot more by the end of the day.