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    I searched the forums and couldn't find an answer to this. Can someone please recommend a site that offers a Free Demo Account for trading E-mini futures, YM,ER2, etc. etc. etc. A site that I don't have to pay for after a trial period. Also is there any site that has real -time intraday charts for free during demo/paper trading mode?

    I'd really appreciate any advice.
  2. Most futures brokers give a free demo account for trading YM or ER2.

    Some charge a fee and others don't during the trial period.

    Best solution is spend your time looking for a futures broker you want to open and account with.

    Next, open an account and then use their real time trading simulator for as long as you want (no limitation) until your ready to trade with real money via turning off the simulator mode and turning on the real trading mode.

    There's a lot of futures brokers listed at the below link.

  3. I'm administrator on a futures trading site. The trial is $10 but I feel its seriously worth the price ofa pizza. We have one of the best education services. Just sign up for the trial and then email or call me RIGHT away and I'll make sure it doesn't auto renew. You can also just double click on my name in the room to talk.

    Geoff / CajunSniper
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    Thanks for all of the great replies.

    I'm really new to this and all of the info can make it overwhelming in the beginning. Any idea what would be the easiest platform to use, basically I just want to do simulated trading of ES futures with real time data. I guess I dont mind paying a little if it means its something reliable and easy to follow. Ease of use and understandability would be key at this point.

    Thanks Again !
  5. open ecry, 2 weeks free on the sim, then $24.95/month. Best all around. If you can't afford that, you probally should not be trading.
  6. You are a dishonest vendor who owes me a $10 refund. You have not responded to emails, pms, and phone calls.

    Other posters have said the same.

    P.S. Why don't you post your wonderful results on this board? I would be very interested to see them - and verify them.

  7. I remember I was a day late in cancelling the membershipl over a misunderstanding of when the trial was actually over. It was a simple and honest mistake. But this guy was a total pain in the rear end in getting back my money. He refused to after bickering with me over and over and over. so I finally called the Head Trader , Alex, and he understood the sitiuation and did refund my money. But it was like pulling tooth and nail with these guys to get my money back. Very frustrating to say the least !! Not sure I ever really want to deal with this guy ever again in the future.

    That being said the Service itself was very educational and useful. I cant complain about that. I give credit where credit is warranted. And in fairness the guy above was pretty adept in managing the room and answering questions. And also goood at assisting the head trader. Just terrible at customer service ,imho !!
    I do recommend newbies to give the trial a go. You wont be disappointed. Head Trader, Alex, is an excellent teacher. Just watch out in dealing with this Spectra Scmuck ! :p
  8. This thread is a little confusing.

    Was booyah looking for a realtime simulator he can practice trading YM and ER2 or was he looking for a signal calling service to follow someone live calls. :confused:

  9. You are an annoying little troll who has never traded in his life
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