Es, Ym, Nd, Er2 Drawdowns??

Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by increasenow, Apr 19, 2007.

  1. what is the drawdown you allow for the ES, YM, mini-nas and ER2?...if you use a 2:1 risk/reward would always be stopped out..what point per each of these drawdowns do you allow????????...thanks!
  2. Huh? Are you saying the market moves according to YOUR entry price?

    Seriously, it depends on your style/system/setup/etc.
  3. no, but it seems very hard at best to get in on a top or to give up 1 point on the ym will always be stopped or etc.
  4. Then don't try to pick tops and bottoms!

    Seriously, it depends on your style/system/setups/etc.
  5. to you think it is really possible to generate 1 ES point per day?????...seriously...thanks...
  6. Are you really serious?

    As long as the market moves up and down intraday, the answer is yes. How big the intraday ups and downs are will determine the number of trades needed, the length of time for those trades to work, and how many opportunities will present themselves. For 1pt (4 ticks) ES, there are over 100 opportunites in a "normal" day.

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