/es - /ym divergence

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  1. buybig


    any on notice the divergence??

    its big...

    any ideas on entry exits??

    anyone think its tradeable???
  2. Dunno dude, your chart looks whacky to me. First off it says "YG" Secondly, I looked at the same period for YM and ES and they track almost exactly. I don't see the divergence you're showing.
  3. lol :D
  4. ?.....Dude, "YG" is gold, "YM" is the Dow Jones. :)
  5. Hey, did I just get Rick-rolled? :cool:
  6. lol some more.

    the thing is, if he keeps this up, he might actually discover a legtimate divergence and be able to trade it! :) :p
  7. "When divergences converge, be careful, very careful" said Confucius. :eek:
  8. auspiv


    your chart says "mini gold" right on it
  9. buybig


    jesus christ people..... meant to type YG... F**k.. look at the F**kin chart... it says YG and it is a divergence for those with troubles. anyove have anything CONSTRUCTiVE to say?:mad:
  10. buybig


    again, classic example of constructive comments..

    no wonder you have 4000+ posts:eek:
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