ES will not see 1315.50 rest of this month

Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by lilduckling, May 12, 2006.

ES will not see 1315 the rest on this month

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  1. Yes it will, lilduckling is dumb and clueless

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  2. lilduckling is ok, but ES may have found support here

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  3. Its all down hill, bye bye bulls

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  1. I am so sure on this that i took on the biggest swing trade of my life. according to my indicators / calculations / conjurations ....... ES may get a few pathetic retracements... but its all down hill from here on end.

    UNLIKE others who post polls, and then have excuses of why they were wrong... IF AM WRONG, I WILL LEAVE THIS BOARD. (I will also be broke)
  2. stktrdr


    Then you should leave now because we will back up to that level by end of next week. We may be half way there by today's close -then you will have an awful weekend. Best thing is that you buy them back pronto!
  3. hee heee hee heee :D
  4. stktrdr


    Get ready for the 3:30 buy program.....
  5. *sniff* :( i feel sorry for you.
    .......... please... stop now and cut your loses.
  6. ES will not hit 1315 by the end of today.... Count on it!
  7. no i meant by the end of the month
  8. Still short lil duck ?

    Had my best point day ever today in ES. 3 longs and 1 short.
  9. yeah, too bad your other prediction crashed and burned. Of course, you'll never mention that will you?
  10. Simex


    let me be the first to congatulate you Lilduck, I was watching this thread and hoping you'd hit a home run. Well done.:)
    #10     May 17, 2006