ES will be end up 12 tommorow, dow +200, and Nasdaq +35 tommorow

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  1. On better than expected new home sales, durable goods orders, and a convincing breakthru of S&P resistance levels.

    Lets see if I'm right.

    (could resist after all these 'i have a feeling this is the top' posts)

    Oh... and I forget... Goog will be only up +1.00-2.00 points.
  2. Can I make a trade with your capital? we split profit 50/50, if it goes down you take the loss :p
  3. Yep, its all rigged to the upside, all news is still good news. I am waiting to see if this China riff starts to put a damper on this rally.

    The market will let me know if its tired and wants to lay down. The market is my friend.
  4. Uptrend will resume
  5. Mvic


    According to the ST Almanac tomorrow is a high % bullish day and there didn't seem to be a lot of conviction as far as selling in to the close goes so I agree unless asia has a wobble overnight we resume the ramp up tomorrow with a vengeance.
  6. Unlimited Upside!

    Leverage it. Bank it. Hell, pre-spend it.

  7. Looks like there are quite a few ounces of silver in that car!

  8. Alright... I was right about reports and goog, completely wrong about everything else. Bought some QQQQ calls about 2/3rds way down from the top

    For recap: I would've NEVER thought the NASDAQ would be down 40+ pts and GOOG ends up.

    And NO WAY AMZN ends up.

    Want some more craziness? RBOB crack spread sold off dramatically the past few days, and VLO/TSO were up yesterday. Now today? Crack spread buys back aggressively, and the refiners are down big. NUTS.

    NQs looking like the best buy of the lot. Held 2/27 support. Yes we're back to 2/27 levels on the Jun contract.
  9. I feel the bullishness coming back..
  10. I feel a lot of bulls turning bears.

    I'll be a bull again at DOW 11k in October.
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