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  1. Lucias


    Do you know anyone who carries them? Are they liquid enough to put on a trade or a spread?

    I'm currently trading at NADEX and so far very pleased with both their products and service. However, I don't know how they compare to regular options market.

    I produce a detailed comparison between their spreads vs the ES E-mini at my blog?, Emini Alternative

    Just the quick rundown, they offer 2 products: binaries which are worth $100 and spreads. They offer daily binaries and weekly binaries and they only offer daily spreads right now. They offer 3 types of spreads narrow spread, daily spread, and 2 hour spread. The narrow spread is 40 points and the master spread is 80 points. The point value is $10 ($1 for tick). The typical bid/ask spread is 4/10ths of a point (equivalent to a bit less then 2 ES ticks). Cost is $1 per contract with a cap of $7 per order. If contract goes to zero, you don't pay commission on the expiry. You really always have to pay the spread. The S&P 500 trades just like the E-mini ES as far as times except no sunday night (and missing some holdiays). The wide spread trades just like the futures market with the narrow spreads taking on some optionality based on how far the price is too the floor/ceiling. I can just click buy/sell.

    So, my question is, what type of bid/ask spreads do you see in the regular options market? Would it be possible to trade this small or like 2-3 contracts? Is it possible to get filled on the globex? Does anyone trade those E-mini options even or stick to the S&P 500? Also, is it possible to build a binary using regular options?

    Again, I like both the binaries and the spreads at NADEX. It is very simple for me coming from trading futures on simulator but would like to educate myself a bit. I would also recommend them for any sim trader. They have all the markets and I didn't really want to trade Forex so it has been a good fit and experience for me.

    It looks like CBOE also carries binaries which I haven't checked. I'm looking for 24 hours market like futures.
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    my co-worker trades the S&P products. we are fairly active in the ES weekly options. we do not trade binaries. during normal market hours, you will have a reasonable bid/ask spread. i haven't looked at them over night. i'm guessing they are occasionally there and mostly not there. just a guess. although you can put in a order. people may be eyeing the markets and not quoting.