ES weekly option questions

Discussion in 'Options' started by trader198, Jun 21, 2013.

  1. I noticed ES Jun 21 weekly option seems follow ES June. to my impression, ES June already ceased to trade in the middle of June.

    yesterday I saw 1585/1590 june 21 ES put cheap, since I monitor september September ES. made nice profit on 1585/1590 puts. but whenI turn on my computer this morning, I feel howdangerous it is, they droped to almost zero. that puzzled me. it still follow June ES?
  2. glad I did not through overnight. otherwise it is a disaster!

    since I want to buy put again this morning.

    ES will drop hard. but I think Friday those guys will not play breakdown. there isno sense to pick bottom here. only foolishbulls will buy

    I will avoid ES today!