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  1. Has anyone compared the trading of one vs. the other?

    I ran a couple systems on SSO that I use for ES and, with minor changes, I was able to get very similiar results.

    My thoughts were that from a money management standpoint, I could scale into SSO much easier and with less granularity.

    Example: I have to jump up from 1 to 2 to 3 ES contracts, (a large % increase in size and exposure) but can go from 100 to 107 to 112 shares of SSO as equity dictates.

    Are there any possible "problems" or unforseens with trading the leveraged ETFs that may not be so much of an issue with the E-minis?(besides tax treatment)

    Any other thoughts are certainly welcome as I am relatively unfamiliar with ETFs.

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  2. I thought they were gonna start an ETF forum?????????

    Baron? Hello?
  3. I know this sounds off-topic, but aren't you concerned about what kind of fills you're going to get with odd-lots?
  4. Good question to raise clambill.

    I'm not sure either way. I have watched it trade and it has been very liquid. So I don't think????? it would be a problem.

    Is there something about odd lots on ETFs or in general that I am overlooking with respect to liquid trading instruments?
    If size is there, I should get filled. Right??