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Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by aphexcoil, Oct 30, 2002.

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    Cool, just wanted to double check. sometimes in backtesting you can get crazy results if you're not careful.

    You may also want to try a filter that eliminates all bars that close greater than X, where X can be something arbitrary at first and then work in some volatility measure (like 2 * ATR). In other words, if in one bar you get a very large move, you may want to bypass the signal generated by that bar b/c you're caught in the middle of something crazy like an economic report.

    If you decide to take those trades (i.e. you think the method still has an edge even during high volatility periods), you may want to adjust your stop loss based on current volatility.
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    about to close this thread since we are not talking about the topic.
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  9. might as well close 80% of the threads these days...We've got a bunch of juvenile delinquents hijacking this site...
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    a sad truth.
    when the market becomes challenging, we get a lot of crappy threads on ET. A strong correlation there. I bet there is a tradable pattern there.
    see ? I am doing it too.

    PM me if you want this thread reopened because you would like to CONTRIBUTE to the topic.
    there is a chit chat area for the rest. I don't mind it. It's there for that. here is not the place.

    futures trading is difficult enough. I am tired of reading members complaining that they need to skip through pages and pages of useless posts. They are right, and that's why we try to moderate threads.
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