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Discussion in 'Trading' started by slowcpa, Mar 14, 2008.

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    this was my first attempt at trading the es. i had read about it and it sounded like playing in the big sandbox would be fun. ive been trading equities for a few months with poor-moderate results so why not give it a shot. i watched the charts, seems familiar. ok, $1325 per "share" so i can learn on 3 shares. what can i lose? hundred bucks? watch for a good entry point....short 3 "shares"....order filled...WTF....within a few eye blinks im down $2700 and bleeding more. suddenly the room temp goes up 20 degrees. i scramble for the close position button. that hurt.

    from what i understand futures are a zero sum game. if one person wins another loses....since this was inadvertent i would like a do-over and for everyone on this forum who made money on thursday to send me $10. i will send back any extra. my firm takes credit cards if that is more convenient.

    you can send the checks or money orders to :

    es loser fund
    1832 independence sq
    suite c
    atlanta, ga 30338

    i will send you a bill if you want to take it as a deduction. if enough people are interested i can set up a paypal account.

    thanks and happy trading
  2. if you can somehow prove that one of es tic i won on that day was somehow ''yours'', ill pay you back.
  3. your noobie mistake was thinking that one es contract was only $1325. it's $65,000.

    welcome to the world of extreme leverage.