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Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by Optional, May 3, 2008.

  1. I trade these markets and wondering if I'm paying too much in commissions. My broker has me at 6 bucks a side all in. I like my broker because he's excellent. Is this a fair price?
    I am 90 percent self directed with a 25k account and do about 30 rt per week.
  2. Surdo


    That is an obscene rate!
    Even as a low volume account, you should not be paying more than $2.35 for ES and $1.77 for ZB/ side ALL IN.

    Those are IB's or TS's unbundled rates.
    Are you trading on TT or have a broker you call the rates in to the pit, you are giving us the full picture here.
  3. cszulc


    $6 a side? That's pretty bad. You can negotiate this down to $2.30 or less with little volume for the ES.

    Go to Interactive Brokers where you can get that price no matter the volume.
  4. Thanks. I guess I knew I was paying higher than normal but I guess I talk to my broker every day and just get a feel of the markets from him but still place all my own trades and so maybe that's why I pay a premium. Maybe I am overspending but I guess its hard to put a price on service.

  5. bob83


    if your talking markets with your broker your going to have quite the culture shock between your current one and IB.

    your certainly not paying discount broker prices, but then again your also not getting discount broker services either, by the sounds of it.

    its up to you on whether its worth it, but i would definitly suggest going some place other than IB if you decide pricing is the #1 factor.