ES trendline break

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  1. TA is subjective if you make it subjective and randonly excluding date will definately do that for you. Rock on. And what ever the book you got that "flexability" thing out of, you need to get a refund for it.
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  2. VictorS


    This is my post to Charlie yesterday( page 3). ESU5 closed at 1210 -11.50 today. uh, Charlie, it must be a coincidence.:D

    Once again, thanks Charlie.
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  3. You and I know better.
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  5. Again were did you read, you must use all the data for any trendline to be accurate. Its a simple question.
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  6. I prefer to use line on close for daily charts with alot of spikes, which happens to occur in index futures. Thats my personal preference.
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  7. First, common sense doesn't come in book form. Second, you are not going to like or understand the answer because it is not a subjective one but I will state it anyway.

    In any type of "Problem Solving" scenario one needs all the data to come to a viable and accurate conclusion. By omitting any part of the data you are limiting the accuracy of the answer to the problem or question. The more data you arbitrarily omit the more you limit the accuracy of the answer.

    I didn't get my experience or trading education from reading books, I got my experience from jumping in with both feet and learning what was consistent with price that made it tradeable with a high percentage of consistency. My background in corporate America was in a "problem solving" capacity so solving trading questions was a natural progression. If you prefer to manually manipulate the data to skew it to your needs, fine but do not think that it is in any way an accurate determination of trend or reading price action.
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  8. I would like to nominate you Charlie Dow to watch over our economic numbers. As I feel the government statistic that are being reported are not an accurate picture of our current economic condition.
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  9. Thanks, the numbers the governmnet put out every month are always grossly manipulated.

    I can see you mind opening up already. Keep it up. Once you start seeing that, your trading will improve 50 fold.
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  10. Update
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