ES trendline break

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  1. we have not even seen any strong selling yet --- trendline break is nothing --- the 16th was the beginning
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  2. mhashe


    We were headed for a strong day after the ES tested 1216 in the am and QQQQ took out yesterdays highs with good volume. Crude spike after the EIA report and shut down demand in stocks. Refineries running at 90% capacity, gasoline inventories dropped a little but crude inventories are higher. And crude rallies, go figure. imo this uncorrelated to fundamentals b.s. price action in crude is the sign of a short term top.
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  3. and 34 days of LONG action had to make a buy or hold decision today as we were pushing down --- they sold :)
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  4. How ever you want to slice it.
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  5. Line on close, cuts out the intraday noise.
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  6. It is what it is, heck maybe they will catch Bin laden tomorrow and this all wont matter will it.
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  7. Who says you have to use all the data? Were did do run across that tidbit of technical analysis? Technical analysis is subjective and requires flexibility Charlie Brown.
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  8. never fear.. Midnight Rally crew is always near....
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  9. Got the java brewing, its gonna be a longggggg night.
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  10. Midnight Rally team does terrible in the 4th quarter :D
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