ES trendline break

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  1. YEP
  2. Seems like it.
  3. Depends on where you draw your line. If you're using LOC, then the trendline is broken. If you're using bars, then price rallied back above the trendline, which carries a different implication.
  4. How typical. The ES breaks the trendline and then starts flatlining.
  5. Exactly. What break? You do have to use all the data though for any trendline to be accurate.
  6. suspended in animation at this point
  7. Maybe we need to start a donation so Rickshaw can afford a licensed copy of his capture program.
  8. VictorS


    Charlie, I enjoy your posts, but how did you come up with your trendline? care to elaborate?
  9. Hey Victor, I don't use trend lines and that is my point. They can only be laid out after-the-fact to give you a trading directional zone but specific support and resistance is true. OPinion: Trends are perfect but you must define them first and 90% of the traders out there can't so it's easier for them to just say they don't exist.
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    okay, you had me confused.:confused:
    Always good posts from you. keep it up.

    P.S. 1210 our next stop on the esu5?
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