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    I was wondering if anyone could help me out. Over the summer I traded ES futures. I am a college student, getting ready to graduate, and am looking for a job. I was wondering if there are any regulations or legal implications that may keep me from getting a job in the finance industry (Edward Jones, Wells Fargo, etc.).
  2. You need to say why you THINK you have implications

    And if I recall, isn't Edward Jones similar to Primerica, trying to sign up people so they can sell high priced financial services to their friends???

    Every so often, these places contact me, masquerading as a job, but in reality, it is a "sell to others opportunity"
  3. .........5 of the best years of your life, wasted........ :(
  4. The average college grad makes almost twice the average HS grad. And the other day, it was published that the unemployment rate of college grads (even now) was half that of HS grads.

    Not beginning to talk about the difference of ignorance vs. being educated.

    On the other hand, throwing yourself into a major like art history is asking to become unemployed. And a study of male college grads 10 years after graduation, found little salary difference between the expensive "elite" schools and other universities.

    So, if going to school, pick an employable major and stay away from running up $120,000 debt getting your art history degree from Cornell...

    2 years community college, CLEP/place out of whatever you can, go to your major state U, and you will do fine. This horrible economy will not last forever, and 4 years from now, ET paper traders will have to recognize that only 1% or so of them will ever do well, and will have to get a job once thier $6,000 account is blown.
  5. 1) Cornell?..... in New York or Iowa?
    2) Nearly all of what you said is true, except for the part about the economy making a comeback.
    3) College grads desperate to become brokers and traders reminds me of 1987, 1999 and 2007 all over again. :cool:
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  7. High School Grad Life Aspirations:


  8. In a "perfect world", everybody could be a financial professsional! Society still needs burger flippers, carpenters, truck drivers, waitresses, teachers, dentists, landscapers et al. I am not so sure about bankers, traders and lawyers. :cool:
  9. as I said, HS grads make almost half the money, and have twice the unemployment rate. And a lot of those burger flippers, etc. are being done by teens and retirees, who have or WILL have college degrees.

    Dentists? Teachers? When did these people make HS grad list???

    HS grads face a bleak future, as manufacturing (like the auto industry) fade, illegals take over the trades industry, and a lot of other things. Unions are fading, and it will be difficult for the uneducated. And a lot of such jobs require serious training and apprenticeships and people with higher degrees are often favored for such jobs. Not every carpenter or electrician stopped at HS. And if college grads are pushed out of the jobs you mentioned, they will take the skilled jobs away from the HS grads, as they have better math, communication, reading, writing and overall skills.

    And anyone who considers an education as wasted years is really limited. Why not just stop at the 8th grade like the Amish then? Just drop out and don't waste those next 4 years in 9-12...
  10. you did a good job.If you level is high now,you could try to get a job about trading in some institution
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