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  1. Hello Everyone

    Over the weekend I went to a local charity event and as I was driving home I had a lightbulb moment. I had the idea to instead of just donating a check to my 2 favorite charities, I thought I would open a separate trading account and fund it with $1,000 dollars and trade the Emini ES and trade it from August 1st 2011 to the end of the year and then donate the funds to my 2 favorite charities.

    Why do it here you might be asking, well I have a twofold reason. I will post all my trades and also explain why I took them and hopefully might be able to pay it forward as to what I have learned through trading to fellow traders. Secondly, if after a few months of following this thread people have learned anything and are so inclined to donate too, then the charities win too.

    Let me explain how I trade and why it works. I have been trading since 2003 everything from stocks to forex. It took me a few times of blowing my account to get it but here I am in 2011 and happy with my success. I don't profess to know it all and would say my style of trading is not for everyone. I do it my way because it works for me. Will it work for you? I don't know. Trading is all about discipline and patience, so if you don't have it, then you will not succeed no matter what system you try.

    Supply and Demand and Price action is how I trade. For the purposes of disclosure, I run a website on the side for trading and am not doing this for any other purposes other than charity. I will try to explain my style of trading over the next few months and hope fellow traders are interested in learning. I am a trader first so if my teaching style is blunt and to the point, sorry in advance, I dont mean to hurt anyone's feelings.

    My methods are simple but my style is different. I always say when people want to join my site that you should be ready to forget everything you ever learned about trading because it will hinder your success. As a former Marine I trade using one strategy...

    S.M.E.A.C. Situation, Mission, Execution, Administration and Command/Control

    I consider trading the markets like war, every trade you take is a battle that will be won or lost. Make no mistake about it, you will lose battles. Let me say that again, you will lose battles. The goal of combat is to win the war.

    Think of your trading account as grunts on the battlefield, you as their commander are responsible to lead them into a battle with a plan of entry and exit just in case centcom (central command) gave you the wrong intel. If you are right, you win the battle and save your troops for another battle. If you are wrong, It is your duty to call a ceasefire, retreat and reassess the situation while preventing excessive casualties. There is no shame in retreating and coming back another day with more firepower and correct intel. The goal is not to win the WAR in a day.

    The goal is to win the WAR by winning most of the battles. As a commander your EGO gets checked at the door, I say again, no room for EGO’s here. I have one thing on my mind “Mission Accomplishment.“

    I fight these daily battles with Supply and Demand and PA. I don't try to grind it out fighting all day for 4 to 8 points daily on the Emini S&Ps. I aim for 6 ticks a day and if I reach it, then it is a successful day.
    I know what your thinking, I cant make a living on 6 ticks a day. I beg to differ.

    Lets break it down. 1 point for 1 contract in the ES is $50.00 (4 ticks @ $12.50 each). So 1 to 2 points a day trading the Eminis is $50 to $100 a day. If you are disciplined and can consistently hit singles and doubles and average 1 to 2 points with one contract in the Eminis, then you made it.

    When you are comfortable and mentally ready, move up to 2 contracts per trade. Don’t do anything different, still your goal is to make 1 to 2 points a day. But now your 1 to 2 points a day equal daily profits of $100 to $200 a day. if you keep that consistency, sooner than later you will be trading 10 Emini contracts, then 20 Emini contracts per trade and still just be averaging 1 to 2 points a day but your daily profits will be $500 to $2,000 per trading day.

    Lets run the numbers, lets say you average 1 1/2 points a day, with 10 contracts per trade equals $750 a day, $3,750 a week, $195,000 a year.(20 contracts per trade equals $1,500 a day, $7,500 a week, $390,000 a year).
    Remember, we didn’t do anything different other than raise our contract size. The trades are still the same, 1 to 2 points a day. The only thing you will be doing is clicking the quantity amount to a 10 or 20 lot before you execute your order. That’s it. so if you can make $100.00 a day consistently, you can make 1/2 a million a year in profitable trades in the Emini Futures.

    By no means do I profess that this works for everyone. It is up to the individual trader to assess that on his own.
    I will say that I will take $1,000 trading account and trade the Emini ES for 6 points a day using 1 contract and when I reach $2,000 I will trade 2 lots and so forth and so on. I plan to double the charity account on a monthly basis.

    My system works because it is in essence building consistency and once you have it the only thing you are doing different is raising your lot size. Don't take my word for it – just come back and check often. I will post the account statement on here so everyone can see.

    Sorry for the long post. My next post will break down exactly how I trade.

    Thanks and health and profits to all.

    Lead, follow or get out of the way!!!
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