ES trading competition ?

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  1. That, of course, would depend on the elasticity of demand. However, it may impede the sponsor's principal objective of gouging his "customers" amid some fanfare. It probably comes down to knowing one's customers. Evidently, the sponsor is targeting those people who favor a slim chance at notoriety over good business sense. I guess it's all in the packaging. Besides, what do you think the chances are that such ego-driven contestants won't overtrade, despite the rates? I'm going to assume that the sponsor knows exactly what he's doing.
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  2. Is there anything available as to results/rankings from earlier contests specifically for the ES? (wtt or other)

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    Does anyone know of any YM trading contests ?
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  4. I don't know of anything similar to date.

    BTW, we are not a "sponsor" - we simply said that we may be able to supply a place to most of your know, we focus primarily on equities trading.

    We'll's just something different.

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  5. World Cup Trading Championships®
    2005 Standings


    Through 10-28-05

    1) Ed Twardus* 136%
    2) Intelligent Trading 129%
    3) Kevin Davey 104%


    Through 10-07-05

    1) Robert Bloch* 33%
    2) Bryan Johnson 12%
    3) Chuck Hughes 1%

    Japan World Cup (Futures)

    Through 10-28-05

    1) Magic Fund 178%
    2) Messara 175%
    3) Trellis 144%

    These competitors all using handle names.
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  6. Thank you Don & Spike.
    Spike, would it be possible to add the approximate number of trading days for the above gains. (Anything more like drawdowns would be asking too much I guess).

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  7. This is all i found:
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  8. Hi spike,

    From your url, it appears that these results are for one full year of trading. The results are not something to write home about! I'm sure some at ET can do this in 1-2 weeks.

    I have the impression that this is simply a broker's gimmick to attract some extra business for which the poor participants have to chip in commissions at exhorbitant rates.
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