ES trading competition ?

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  1. I always wondered if there would be a market for this type of thing

    - ... “come as you are” tournament – Meaning, bring your own computer (phone - if needed) and Open trading account with ****** with exactly $25,000 (USD), ready to trade the e-Mini S&P-

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    It works for me.

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    Yep, back up. Musta been a glitch.
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    Why do you like this any better than, say, the Robbins World Cup trading contest?
  6. for one thing, robbins charges close to $25.00 a round turn and this challenge
    charges $10.00 a round turn.
  7. Just watch. This World Trading Tour concept is going to grow BIG TIME.

    Look at the Sponsors line up - different types of trading firms - pro/prop, and retail;
    with different types of trading markets, in addition to Futures,
    being categorized into contests down the road, IMO.

    Foundation already laid for trading competion venues seemingly
    in tandem with events like the Traders Expo, Wealth Expo, ...

    Competition to be Webcast, and on Cable/TV... just like the World Poker Tour
    and other poker contests geared to viewers in specialized market segments.

    You listening, Baron?
    Mods, clean up your threads.
    Somebody..., hide Chit Chat.
    ET's gonna get even better!
    Just watch.
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  9. Completely agree.

    Also, if these tournaments can get some serious sponsorship from the brokers...

    Maybe we will see $5 roundtrip trades that will attract more traders to enter the competition.

  10. We were approached by Mr. Esch last year, and realized that the similar nature to the poker tournaments might just work (we were just troubled by the regulatory issues, which may be alleviated at this point in time)....and may be able to follow through on his request to hold the December tournament at our headquarters....not sure at this particular time (I realize that time is short).

    It would be fun...let's see how many entrants we can come up with.

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