ES trading algorithm

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  2. From the performance reports looks like a break-even idea.
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    Yes, but I don't think many are using yet
  4. Even if there were many users, is there any reason why this should work?
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    No, not necessarily but if Profitable traders used it could be interesting.

    I have no affiliation to the site, I just saw it on another board and thought I would post here also.

    But you are correct 26 points in a year is laughable.
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    Switch to 90 days and it is even after suffering a 40 point drawdown. No wonder it's free.
  7. The easiest way to trade this market is to buy the extremely negative breadth and sell the extremely positive breadth. You can participate in 15-20% moves every 3 or so months.
  8. The easiest way to trade this market is to find suckers to teach how to trade this market.
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    why would consistent profitable traders add their calls to the site when they could make money by collecting fees at C2?

    looks more like a trader wannabe venue.
  10. Obviously to be more profitable, which may or may not be the case (I suspect pump and dump is non-trivial for ES).
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