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  1. After a year of trading YM, I started trading ES last week.
    Just looking to kick ideas and strategies with those of you who trade it also. Currently I use 2 point stops and love fading the move. Strategy is pretty much the same as my YM using support and resistance, fading extreme moves, and trading gaps, and reversal time trades. So what is everyone else using for stops ? I am currently long at 1279.
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    Do you have a profit target on this?
  3. Buy1Sell2


    he shorted yesterday so I would say he is out of this long
  4. doublea


    He said that he is currently long at 1279.
  5. sold half at 1280

    Stop at BE on the rest.

  6. not at the moment.
    Will be looking to see if cash holds 1274 tomorrow.
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    yes I'm sorry--I thought his was an old post --my mistake

  8. I was short last night from 1288.75 but covered that trade this morning at 1287 and 1285.75.

    Are both of you guys still short from that area ?
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    yes I am-there is an oversold condition on hourly charts, but I am a bit more of a position trader, so I'll stay short for now. We'll see in the AM.
  10. chart and retracement says we bounce from 1274 on cash and ~1277 on es.
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