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Discussion in 'Journals' started by ORTrader, Dec 2, 2010.

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    Hey guys,

    I will post my trades in the ES Futures. My goal is to post everyday but we all know how busy life can get so I might miss some days. I hope to improve my trading decisions by journaling. I also hope to gain some insight from others about my decisions.

    Today was hard to take. Missed entry by 2 ticks after getting signal from my OR. My rules would not let me chase. I had to just watch the bus leave the station without me. Good news is I didn't lose anything today, bad news is I didn't make anything today. Tomorrow is another day.
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    Well, no trade again this morning.
    This time I tried to buy the ES inside my supportive pivot range at 1216.00 with a target of 2 points and my stop was going to be a close of a 5 minute bar below my pivot range.(Below 1214.75) but I didn't get filled. Low was 1216.25. Price then hit my intended target of 2 points so I canceled and waited for the OR to complete. After the OR was complete I never got a buy or sell signal before my 11am ET cut off. Maybe a trade will emerge this afternoon.

    Screen shot:

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    This is a test. I can't get my post to show up.:mad:
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    Must be Firefox...I just posted with Explorer and it showed up...anybody else have that kind of trouble?
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    This morning I bought the ES at the open (1221.25) because we opened inside my supportive pivot range. My plan was to hold it until gap fill (1223.50) but my OR completed first, so I exited the trade at plus 1 tick and waited for an OR signal. I got the OR buy signal at 10:25 and bought at 1222.75. I had to wait until 14:40 to hit my first target of 2 points. Almost was stopped out. Price came to 1 tick from my stop(1219.75) My 2nd target of 4 points was never hit and I was stopped out on a trailing stop at entry.
    Overall not a bad day. I stuck to my guns and my trade plan.

    Screen Shot: