ES Thanksgiving Morning

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  1. @1090.50 ????
  2. @1086.25 :confused:
  3. Deja Vu of Martin Luther King Day 2008 :cool:
  4. dubai
  5. dubai was one of the macro causes of this

    but do not worry

    if you have hedged yourself in some other market ( s ) with shorts

    they will help lesson the pain

    alot of whales bailing overnight I guess from risk

  6. So Dubai World is the Sov Wealth Fund that bought up a ton of stuff over the last few years?
  7. AyeYo


    Nice resurge in the dollar too. Tomorrow might be ugly.
  8. It now costs $570,000 to insure $10 million of Dubai sovereign debt against default for five-years, up from $440,000 at Wednesday's New York close, according to data provider CMA.
  9. The selloff is overdone because there is very little liquidity. You have a situation where people are bailing because of risk, but because the market is closed and there is little liquidity, it is driving down the price quickly.

    Probably a good opportunity to pick up a few ES contracts for a nice bump tomorrow.

    I would do so but i'm already pretty long...
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    bridenour the whole world is long and thats why we're falling. they crushed every short to utter death and nobodys left short to help stop falls. the longs have had there 80% world record 8 month run and that could cause even more of panic.this is the first shot across the bow but there will be tons of huge rallies to play long
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