ES takin it on the chin

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  1. This is at the top of the cycle. Next cycle coming Setp. 8-11.

    Regardless the only reason for the post was it's been a while since we've seen this and when that EOD bullshit stops panning out there's gonna be some huge hits taken an hour before the close.

    Keep that in mind.
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    I said in my thread ("found a secret") that there's going to be a sell-off on the open. Whaddaya think??

    BTW what's the cycle you're talking 'bout?
  3. We'll see. This could get ugly or reasonable. I hope it's the latter, but I think ugly is a real possiblity.

    Any questions on cycles can be forwarded to Yoohoo. :)

    He no longer posts here (no clue where the hell he went) and it'd be nice to have him back. I'll leave it there for now. Just some silly moon stuff. :p
  4. Short term oil, bonds, dollar, SP500 and gold price charts this morning.
  5. Thanks for your timely and bold call.

    How did you do it?

    I was going to go long 100 cars , but after reading you post I realized my monitor was upside down, the cleaning lady is brutal, and I reversed the play.
  6. What call?

    I'm saying the market is probably a new cycle at the moment. That's all.

    You want a call? How about these......

    Exact top.

    2 weeks and 200points off (it was about 500 not 200-300)
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    I like your posts atlon!!
  8. athlon, make your posts without the profanity/vulgarity, please.
  9. I see that MTrader09 posts live calls for ES and NQ. I am a fairly new NQ swing trader considering investing a chunk of time reviewing the posts and the corresponding charts.

    Can anyone tell me:

    1) Do you think it is a worthwhile use of my time?

    2) Do you have a feel for whether the posts are timely enough to know if both entries and exits are truly live? I don't want to bother if he is "past posting" the play.

    3) Do you know what time frame he trades in?

    4) Do you have other suggestions/threads for me/

    I am trying to fish for what may already be common knowledge about MTrader and this thread. I could take the time to figure this stuff out but I don't want to reinvent the wheel. Thanks in advance.
  10. If the markets don't fall tomorrow, i'm fairly confident i'm wrong on this one.

    Make this a slight pull-back with the major top coming in september then. (and a big run before that probably)
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