ES Short signal tonight 12/05

Discussion in 'Trading' started by TradEStar, Dec 5, 2007.

  1. Anyone else selling tonight? Just sold the ES at 1495.00 with a huge multi time frame signal.
  2. Have a signal on the ER2 also..771.80 entry. I think I will have to trade the DAX tonight and the first few hours of the european market..looks like a set up for some good trading.
  3. ok, i'm interested, may i see it?

  4. Care to share a chart to show what you're looking at?

    Pretty strong after-hours market strength.
  5. This was a sell signal off a 15 minute chart and I used a lower time frame to enter at 1495.00
  6. rc5781


    i dunno can you really trust indicators after hours with such thin volume???
  7. bearish divergence play?

    maybe across multiple timeframe?

    is that what you see?
  8. I'm short at 1494.25.

    I trade these with loose stops and long timeframes, so not sure if I'm seeing the same thing you are.

    But good luck anyway!
  9. I do it all the big difference if you stick with higher time frames. Just like yesterday, I had a good buy signal on the ES after the close around 3:30 pm CST and entered Long ES position at 1463.50 .
  10. long 1495

    looking for 15-25 pts.

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