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Discussion in 'Hook Up' started by TradeViper, Jan 16, 2007.

  1. Michael, please PM you email so we can keep in touch

    The Ever Friendly VIPER
  2. Me also, i am sad a few idiots ruined great threads of discussion on your trading stratedgy.

    I have been analysing them and am learing the nuances along with some very interesting theories on how to read the demarker.

    I know there are more then just the two of us (viper and I) that would love to continue discussion.
  3. fifo


    Me too! Got me interested in FX after years of equities trading. Have many questions. lets get the thread started again...

    For now, paper trading with IB.

  4. I agree with what the other members wrote - I read every single post of yours in the "Arches" thread. I think those two threads were one of the best threads on this board ! Please continue, ET needs such threads ! :)
  5. romik


    ES, from what I understood, you got pissed at some poster & deleted your threads, if I am mistaken, please correct me. If that was so, then I would advise not paying too much attention to people that have an urge to be negative to other posters just for the sake of it. Do not forget, we are not friends here, so whatever somebody tells me on an anonymous board I couldn't care less. Now, there are people that respect you on ET & also ET allows you to manage your thought process/development. There are all sorts of nuts on ET, like Porgie for instance, that have no real purpose of being here, think of them as a virus, nothing more :)
  6. Glenbuck


    Hate to see valued members get hounded by anonymous voices that shouldn't matter. Get back in touch ES, you have far more support than the select few snipers!
  7. Thanks Fellahs

    You cannot imagine how much this means to me.

    I am just a trader like everyone one else here and I have resigned as a moderator for now, but I may ask Baron if I can return to my duties.

    I am taking a get my perspective back, and I consider you friends, eventhough your anonymous. I honestly do not know if I will post anything of substance anymore. We shall see.

    Back to trading..I got some "virgin arches" to violate :)

    I miss you...

    Michael B.

    P.S. I have turned my PM on now, so admin will not be bothered.
  8. Dude, like I have said before use the ignore, or buy a set of gentlemans weapons. Please don't give up. And by the way I was half way through a level system that would augment the arches system. Deleting the thread or whatever the tech guys call it, was, in my opinion, a mistake, never let these cowards affect you in a negative way. If they don't like what you do, let them follow Cramers, and MParkers trades.

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  9. Surdo


    Welcome back!
    Screw moderating, that's for those that can't trade.

    el surdo
  10. Can someone post the original thread that Michael put together? I haven't read it but from what I hear (just read someone say ES uses a "basket of carry trades" as well) it's kind of like a hedge & carry trade system I've been using with great success. Any links would be helpful. I would search through ES's post history but it's over 10,000 and I don't have a month to look though his posts. Thanks for any help!
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