ES scalping,is it worth?

Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by Torge, May 18, 2004.

  1. Torge



    yesterday i tried to scalp the E mini.
    My target was 0.25,my stop was 0.5 and 0.75pts.

    The market run three times against me,so damn fast.So i was stopped out three times.

    Is it worth scalping the mini?what is your risk setting?
    In my opinion it is realy hard earning money in the E-mini.
    Maybe you get 0.25pts and then loose 4 times 0.5pts.
  2. traderob


    If you were a sumo wrestler who decided to try boxing, and went into a tournament with little training but only a belief that you should do Ok, how do you think you would come out?
  3. Torge


    My order entry was with limit .

    Thanks for answering
  4. dbphoenix


    Some people have to go broke before they get it, and even then there are no guarantees.

    This is beginning to remind me of Jan '00 . . .
  5. gnome


    Isn't it "really hard earning money [scalping]..." any vehicle?

    If you could gather the data on the nubmer of scalpers, the percentage of winning traders for the year and the average return on capital.... you're likely to draw only one conclusion...

    Trying to scalp is a fools errand.
  6. why for goodness sake would you EVER risk more than your possible reward?
  7. cosmic


    the other way round: one tick stop is just too tight - go for 0.5 stop & a target of 0.75 or 1 point, this is doable. If you have a multiple time frame approach try to scalp/trade with different targets in- & countertrend - with a solid trend in the higher frames I would take 1.25-1.5 pts.

    But there are very, very few who can trade with risk/reward ration acutually against them, when you do not consider winnning percentages - they have to be as high as 80-90% to make money with your stops/limits! I would'nt trade with such a burden, shoot for 60-70% winnings & Avg Win Loss of 1.5-2.

    All my best,
  8. vleaps


    What's the difference? It's just a numbers game. If your target is smaller than your stop, you'll have higher winning percentage. Vice versa for the opposite. Not saying I agree with the method though.
  9. nitro


    Not by you.

    If you saw what the professional firms that are able to scalp the minis have for commissions, connectivity, computer systems etc ,etc, you would realize that the battle for a trader like you is lost before it even starts.

  10. maybe true if his "system" has win/loss of greater than 70% or so. But even with a huge winning % the commision will kill you doing this.
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