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    Announcing that E=MC2 Vol 2. - The E=MC2 Approach and Real Time Trading Application is now available on Amazon as a follow up edition to the original E=MC2 material that is designed to take E=MC2 learning to a new level.

    The book in written in the style of having a E=MC2 trading coach sitting next to you each day for an entire month- going through the complete thought process of how to view the big picture, integrate developing intra-day structure, and then uncover the best trade opportunities that develop each day.

    Included are real trading days with account statement verification to show how theory translates into actual results.

    A new entry approach is presented that falls under the same C1, C2, C3, C1-C umbrella, but may be easier for many to apply. Also, a scalping approach is presented that many may be interested in.

    E=MC2 Vol 2. ties together the entire E=MC2 approach, and this new edition will help speed up the E=MC2 trading learning curve tremendously.

    For those unaware, "The Professional Day Trading thread" on this forum is also a source to help speed the E=MC2 learning curve by providing REAL TIME (ahead of time) big picture analysis so you can see how developing intra-day structure provides context for trading decisions.

    FOR EXAMPLE - I hope everyone noticed the trend day early yesterday, which made for nice passive sell gains to new intra-day lows on deep pullbacks.

    In terms of levels, price is rejecting then upside breakout of big picture 1200-1050 bracket which means price may start swinging lower to 1050 with 1120 area first major pullback to swing support.

    The short term consolidation areas in place are 1216-1206, 1206-1193, 1193-1180, 1180-1165, so when price broke thru 1206 three days ago, 1193 was target. When 1206 held two days ago, and the trading trend turned down, 1193 was the target. When price gapped below 1193 yesterday morning and held, 1180 was target, and then when trend day developed and 1180 broke, 1165 was target.

    This type of logic is the key to trading E=MC2 successfully, and is covered extensively in the new, REAL TIME TRADING APPLICATION material.