ES - Rally fading

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  1. Lots of folks selling in 862-864 area. Is the rally dying?
  2. Not a bad area actually for a shot.....I am selling 864.50 on up as we have a cumulative delta divergence here intraday to this point. :)
  3. The same is happening with /TF, they are selling it at 476 and up. But it's on low volume, and range bound for now.
  4. off subject here, but are the chicks for free?
  5. Chicks and bank bailouts are for free :D

    All aboard...going south now! First stop...860.

  6. Just a healthy pullback before the government pump.
  7. sumosam


    imho, the market went up on short the longs are taking a profit...i have remained short. obv at an alltime high for spx.
  8. Next stop 854...

  9. First targets at 859.50 targets at 854.50 :)
  10. Next stop 837...

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