ES Rally 20% from March lows.

Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by Point Man, May 12, 2003.

  1. The ES have rallied 20% (945.00) from their March lows (787.50). Is this the top, or has the true squeeze just begun? The data of the next 30-60 days is critical for this bull.

    If the likes of Enron and Worldcom can fiddle with the figures, what is to keep Bush's administration from fiddling as well. After all, this is a man that lost the vote, but won the election.

    With only 40+ posts, I have learned that this next comment will keep the keyboards worldwide on fire. Is this a Pun? Bush will burn in 2004.

    Clinton for President.
  2. Pabst


    Good friend of mine owns several popular restaurants that had been hit hard since 9/11. Sales down -20% type of stuff. The past two weeks business is on fire, Mother's Day was his best since 1998. As far as Bush, unless something very dramatic occurs, he wins 38-40 states including New York. Sen. Clinton wil never, never, ever be nominated let alone become President. Bottom line: she's one disliked broad.
  3. JT47319


    PM, don't fight the tape and don't fight the Fed. If the market is going up with or without manipulation, its going up. Either figure a way to make money or get burned. Do I give a shiz if the numbers are manipulated while the markets going up? No, that's why so many of us go flat.

    Our job is to make money, when it moves up, down, and sideways; just so long as the damn thing MOVES. If the internals start to weaken, then jump out of the way. Don't try to change the world or the market. Because it doesn't really give a shiz what you and I think about it.
  4. If I remember right you had posted on numerous threads that the big crash/pullback was coming (which could still happen). I think you were shorting all the way up. I only brought it up because of all the posts you had made on different threads with basically the same message. Are you still sitting on the short trades or are you out of them?
  5. I have not traded my own money in over a year. 18 years of speculating with my own funds was more than enough. Now I write daily about the marketplace and I sleep well at night. I want to be short equities and long securities. My long-term objectives are a 400 handle in the ES and a 135-136 handle in the 30 Yr. My clients look forward to my daily commentaries, but it is my levels that are the real product. Good luck.