ES profit taking method for scalping?

Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by BobbiDigital, Jul 11, 2012.

  1. Targets, trailing stops, exit signals, scaling out of part and holding runners - These are all methods I use on any given trade and its killing me. Part of it is I 'have to be in the market' - my 1st problem

    I am trading 2-5 lots and looking for ideas how to pick one method to execute like a robot. Without a plan LATELY winners have been turning into losers.
  2. Do you have a fixed entry method? And what trade duration do you consider to be scalping?
  3. I've been testing something lately that consistently nets 2 ES pts either direction. Got it from guy trading it since 1982....Who got it from someone trading in the 70's... I'd consider this a scalp.

    The only way to scalp to me is have a high probability trade with a set target and stop. The stop is sometimes more than the target. The target can only be arrived upon after testing current market conditions. When the market changes you have to change your time frame or your targets. Attempting to net much more than 2 pts with the above strat would probably make it not profitable.